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About LORC

Project Title

Research on the "Shape" of Sustainable Local Cities against Urban Marginalisation and the Implementation of Local Policies

Project Summary and Overview

Confronting depopulation, ageing, and the incapability of managing and utilising local resources, LORC undertakes research on the "shape" of sustainable local cities against "urban marginalisation" - the phenomenon in which it has become difficult for cities to maintain qualitatively and quantitatively the urban functions necessary to sustain wholesome and cultured living - and the implementation of local policies realising it.

First, LORC examines the "shape" of sustainable local urban areas/cities based on the studies on shrinking cities which include two cross-linked fields; the accumulation of urban functions from the aspect of spatial planning, and the field highlighting collaboration from the perspective of local government.

Second, perceiving the implementation of policies as the realisation of policies combining policy development and human resource development, LORC presents arguments for universities as the infrastructure for the reformation of local communities against urban marginalisation, in the studies of the collaboration between local communities and universities, and cultivates the bridge between local regeneration and universities.


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  • LORC Phase3