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Group 1 - "Urban Marginalisation" Research Group - theoretically approaches the phenomenon of "urban marginalisation" - in which transformations in urban local communities force local cities to face a variety of difficulties in maintaining qualitatively and quantitatively the urban functions necessary to sustain wholesome and cultured living - and the countermeasures against it.

"Spatial Planning & Functions" Research Unit undertakes theoretical comparative research on the accumulation of urban functions from the aspect of spatial planning as well as research on the functionally conformed roles of local governments on the basis of collaboration. Besides, this unit builds an urban structural model theoretically demonstrating the "shape" of sustainable local cities and outputs it as the "Kyoto Scenario".

Reviewing leading examples of local government collaboration in policy areas related to urban marginalisation, "Local Government & Governing" Research Unit examines a new form of government and governance - governing - fit to an urban area holding accumulated urban functions and makes proposals on the roles of local governments in contemporary Japan.


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