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Group 2 - "Policy Implementation" Research Group - consists of three Research Units. Regarding social skills as a key to the implementation of local policies against urban marginalisation (the realisation of policies combining policy development and human resource development), this group educes social skills and systematises human resource development. This group also practices policy implementation in the area of renewable energy, where Ryukoku University has an advantage.

Unit 1 "Communication Design" Research Unit

"Communication Design" Research Unit is involved in communication studies at both the micro- and the meso-levels from a couple of aspects. Firstly, from the point of view that communication would be included in social skills required for policy implementation, this unit aims at distilling communicative competence needed for local public human resources. Secondly, this unit aims at designing studies of Hanashiai (dialog and discussion) as a method creating a platform for collaboration.
Specifically, this unit has conducted 1) linguistic studies making discourse analysis of Hanashiai on city planning; 2) round tables on chats as well as on Hanashiai about citizen participation; and 3) the design and implementation of Hanashiai.

Unit 2 "Social Skill Promotion" Research Unit

"Social Skill Promotion" Research Unit examines the promotion of social skills needed for the reform of contemporary local communities. This research area is indispensable for pursuing governing - a new form of government and governance - and further implementing policies. This unit defines social skills and contemplates adapting a qualification framework such as the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) to Japan in order to bridge vocational (or social) training and academic education.

Unit 3 "Community-based Renewable Energy Policy" Research Unit

"Community-based Renewable Energy Policy" Research Unit builds a business model in which profits from renewable energy business would be returned to local communities. Specifically, this unit deals with community-based business models, renewable energy ordinances and regulations, and social investments.
Working together with "Communication Design" and "Social Skill Promotion" Research Units, this unit is engaged in 1) developing human resources expected to advocate community-based renewable energy business in local cities; 2) installing solutions to local problems through renewable energy business; and 3) proposing actual renewable energy sites.


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