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Kyoto Alliance for Human Development on Local Community Revitalization (headquartered in Ryukoku University)

This project has developed a local qualification framework at the master's level and a certification scheme by getting universities collaborating with communities. The goal is to modernise education by embedding the collaboration with communities in undergraduate and postgraduate education. This project is going to enlarge a local qualification framework to the undergraduate level and to develop a community-collaborative educational programme such as active learning. It also tries to encourage universities to take part as partners to local communities.

Making use of the fruits of participatory universities' collaboration with communities, particular attention is paid to the collaboration between universities and communities in areas where no university is located. An office is accommodated at Seibi University, the sole university in northern Kyoto Prefecture. Organising the Community and University Alliance for regeneration of Northern Kyoto Area (CUANKA) with local governments including Kyoto Prefecture, NPOs and business organisations, this project has developed problem-solving educational programmes.


  • LORC Phase1
  • LORC Phase2
  • LORC Phase3