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About LORC

Over the past 5 years, the LORC*1 has been undertaking research, on the basis of a joint international research framework, on local systems required for the development of participatory and partnership-oriented local governance, and on human resources who should take initial roles in such systems.

Our research outcome identifies the following needs:

  • 'Multi-stakeholder partnerships' in local governance;
  • 'Local Public Human Resources' who carry out public activities beyond sector divisions; and
  • Developments of education and training systems for the cultivation of such human resources and their 'social accreditation frameworks'.

With those new key terms, the LORC presented a future direction of a new local social system.

In the second phase of the LORC which was started in April 2008, more experimental and practical research activities are conducted to construct social systems that introduce and establish the research outcome so far to the local society.

Specifically, we will conduct:

  1. Cross-linked research on the theory and practice of local public policy to realize sustainability;
  2. Research on the development and commercialization of human resource development programmes and their accreditation systems at local level; and
  3. Practical research examining concrete local policies and activities for the creation of local governance based on multi-stakeholder partnerships.

It is our ultimate goal, through close collaborations with local partners, to contribute to the realization of a dynamic sustainable civil society.

*1 LORC is funded by "Project for the Advancement of Academic Research at Private Universities, Open Research Center Project (FY2003-FY2007)" and "Project for Strategic Research Base Formation Support at Private Universities (FY2008-FY2010)" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Main research themes of LORC and the linkages with the related projects

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Local Human Resources and Public Policy Development System Open Research Centre (LORC), Ryukoku University

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