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Projects regarding human resource development

Our research outcome so far identifies the following needs: 'multi-stakeholder partnerships' in local governance; 'Local Public Human Resources' who carry out public activities beyond sector divisions; and developments of education and training systems for the cultivation of such human resources and their 'social accreditation frameworks'. In order to develop these into local societies, our research has created cooperative relationships with other projects working on human resource development.

NPO and Regional Government Studies Course, Graduate School of Ryukoku University
"Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education (2007-2009)" funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

It was established in 2003 to realize the basic concept of Ryukoku University, which is "to be a university working at once globally and locally for harmony in coexistence". Under the advanced educational objective, which is to nurture a new type of 'Local Public Human Resources' who takes active parts in decentralized local society, the Course aims to create a new local development system for such local human resources. This will be tackled with local partners such as local governments and NPOs, developing a cross-disciplinary educational structure within the University.

GP programme, bringing in the outcome of the LORC projects, aims to reinforce the educational programme that bridges the theory and practice and that develops the ability of learners to design and implement policies. It contributes to the establishment of a local system for human resource development which is open to the local society, and to create a new role of a graduate school of public policy in the era of decentralization.

Consortium for Local Public Human Resource Development (COLUP)

It was established in January 2009 by a partnership of local stakeholder organizations as a system to provide education and training programmes for developing "local public human resources", aiming at local government officers, NPO staff, and business persons, and to promote the role of those new human resources in the local society.

It also operates a new local qualification system for the 'local public human resources' to contribute to the reform and development of the local society.

The Development of Education and Training Programmes and Local Qualifications for the Local Public Human Resources
"Support Project for Strategic University Collaborations (2008-2010)" funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

This project is conducted by a partnership of the universities in Kyoto which run a faculty or department of public policy, to develop education and training programmes and local qualifications for the 'Local Public Human Resources' and its recognition system.

Partner universities : Ryukoku University (Chair), Kyoto Prefectural University, Doshisha University, Bukkyo University, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Sangyo University
Organizations with cooperative relations : Kyoto-city, Kyoto NPO Center, Kyoto shi Keikan Machizukuri Center, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce, Kyoto Association of Corporative Executives, The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto

Research Project on the Establishment of an Accreditation System for Professional Graduate Schools of Public Policy
"Program for Research on the University Accreditation (2007-2008)" funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

The objective of the project is to develop a foundation for the establishment of an accreditation institution for professional graduate schools of public policy, which does not currently exist. For this purpose, the following activities are conducted: 1) research on accreditation systems for graduate schools of public policy in foreign countries, 2) research on the domestic professional graduate schools/ graduate schools for public policy, 3) developing a manual for evaluation procedure and standards for the professional graduate schools, and 4) conducting trails of accreditation processes for professional graduate schools of public policy.

Projects regarding local public policy

In order to establish the outcome of the LORC research projects as a part of local social system, we conduct a series of practical research projects.

Joint Research Project in Takashima-city
"Contracted Project by Takashima-city (2006-2008)"

In March 2006, LORC made an agreement with Takashima-city and Makino Machizukuri Network Center for a joint project on local regeneration.

The outcome of the joint project includes: the networking of local NPOs and community organizations; a proposal for Takashima's partnership policy; the local government guideline for promoting partnership working in local regeneration; an officer training progrmme for deepening understanding towards partnership working; a support of the establishment of a civic partnership center; and an analysis of the work of local government for local partnership working.

Cooperative research project with Kameoka-city and Ritsumeikan University

We develop and implement an eco-point system as a part of the Carbon Minus Project in Kameoka-city in which local farmers and citizens can actively take part in the reduction activities of CO2 emission. Working closely with Kameoka-city and Ritsumeikan University, we establish a local distribution model utilizing the agricultural products from the technique of carbon sequestration, which are the outcomes of the Carbon Minus Project in Kameoka-city. We evaluate the potential of this project as a local framework of carbon offset, and consider the prospect of transferring the model to other localities.

The reform of the work of Kameoka-city by the "step-by-step analysis method"
(planed in 2009)

In Kameoka-city, we conduct a series of administrative reform activities of local government with the "step-by-step analysis method" developed by the LORC. This is to find out which work should be carried out by the local government and which one can be done by other local partners, which can foster sharing of the work of the local government among local stakeholder organisations.

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