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Group 1: Research Group on “Systems for Sustainable Local Society”


Group 1 undertakes research on a ground theory of a public policy that aims to achieve sustainable local society. In order to realize a sustainable local society, it is crucial to create a multi-stakeholder partnership in which local stakeholders (governments, businesses, and citizens) get round the same table and try to solve local problems, and to develop 'Local Public Human Resources' who take active roles in the partnership.

"How does a local society, which realizes sustainability through the development and establishment of 'multi-stakeholder partnerships' and 'Local Public Human Resources', look like?" "What sort of a governance system will be required to establish such a local society?" It is our initial role, by answering those questions, to build a basic theory of future local public policy.

Group 1 provides an overall theoretical framework of the LORC project, reinforcing the practical and experimental research activities of the Group 2 and 3. By conducting theoretical assessments of the practical research projects and coordinating the results as a blueprint of a future society, we aim to enhance the significance of the overall LORC research project to the society.

Main research themes

Establishment of a theoretical framework that bridges the concept of sustainability and that of governance

Considering the trends of international practices and research outcomes, we aim to establish a basic concept of local governance for achieving sustainability, which should not be a mere downsizing of the work of local governments.

Development of a set of indicators for local governments to achieve sustainability

We work on a set of indicators which can be consulted by local governments when they develop and implement local policies for challenging sustainability.

Cross-disciplinary research on public policy for achieving sustainable local society

Policies for sustainable local society should deal with a range of cross-disciplinary issues. We examine public policy cross-disciplinarily and feed the outcomes back to the research on local social systems for sustainability.

Establishment of a joint working research framework which enhance the effectiveness of the practical research activities

Group 1 works as a coordinator of the overall LORC research project; creating and stimulating organic links between a wide variety of practical research activities of the Group 2 and 3. This is to avoid a silo structure of our research activities and enhance the effectiveness of the practical research activities.

Annual Plan

2008 Developing a set of policy indicators required for local governments to design policies for achieving sustainability
2009 Developing a proposal of a cross-disciplinary public policy to realize sustainable local society
2010 Establishing a research centre for local partnerships
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