Built on the previous research outcomes since 2003, when we commenced our research on the topic, Ryukoku University Research Centre for the Local Public Human Resources and Policy Development (LORC), at the present phase, has been studying on necessary institutional infrastructures and human resources for shifting the modern Japanese local communities facing the new era of depopulation to sustainable and mature ones.

Our project's research structure is composed of two Groups: Research Group 1, which is tasked with the study of the institutional infrastructures necessary to formulate and implement local policies for the realization of a sustainable society; and Research Group 2, which is tasked with the concrete development of local human resources through practical initiatives in social experimentation. It is expected that, under this structure, and by exploiting the special advantage, LORC will foster consultation with local communities and other universities as well as continue to pursue its research with a view to further developing perspectives which bridge theory and practice.

LORC Director : Toru Ishida
(Professor, Faculty of Policy Science, Ryukoku University)

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