Group 1

Research Study on Local Public Policies

Under a research system of international character, Research Group 1 is pursuing inter-disciplinary research on the nature of the local public policies which are necessary for building sustainable local communities. In particular, Research Group 1 has set its three main pillars as conducting research into: "local innovation with environmental sustainability through local energy policies and changing the spatial structure of the built environment so as to promote sustainability"; "local innovation with social sustainability through social forces fostered by participation and collaboration"; and "local innovation with economic sustainability by local economic actors whose operations follow a different logic to that of the global market economy."

To date, Research Group 1 has been conducting research on the most recent trends relating to its themes, by convening workshops on a regular basis, and sometimes inviting external researchers to participate. Additionally, Research Group 1 conducts field research, both domestic and overseas, with regards to sustainable local innovations, in order to assess what is really going on. Furthermore, in order to disseminate its research outcomes, symposia and exchange meetings are also convened.

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